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Posted by Ella Marie
on Jun 24

Competent and Trusting Divorce Lawyer

Ms. Escamilla represented me in my divorced this past year. During this time, one can be very frazzled and weak. Mary did nothing but fill be with encouragement and advice. Her confidence made me feel at peace and it was easy to trust her, even when trust was a serious issue for me at this point of time. I never felt like Mary held any sort of judgment against me or any of my views, opinions, or actions. When one is going through a divorce, one can have 100% support from friends and family, or one can have no support at all. Mary provided all the support that I needed; legally, emotionally and spiritually. Her tactile handling of my divorce was smooth and professional. On top of all of this, Mary is an excellent communicator. She was very clear and concise. She educated me during the beginning, middle, and final steps of the process. She followed up on emails and phone calls in a timely matter and even put aside her personal time to meet with me. Going through a divorce was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I am so grateful that I had Mary Escamilla by my side throughout the process. Her sound advice saved me a lot of money, time and heartache. I am truly appreciative to have had such an experienced lawyer representing me in my divorce. I highly recommend her!

Posted by a client
on Jun 15

Mary: empowering, fair, firece and dligent

After the third time of being served, I had run out of steam and was relatively hopeless due to incessant bullying. Mary fought for me in a way that honored what I wanted, while allowing all parties to maintain integrity. She saw the core of my challenge, and went to bat for what was right. She was diligent, empowering and helped me get a birds-eye-view on the situation, when I had been stuck under water for so long.

We ended up settling our case in the court house at the last minute. Mary remained confident and relentless in order to help my family reach an agreement in an otherwise extremely tense situation. I am forever grateful for her services and would highly recommend her for anyone needed family law services.


Posted by Peter
on Jun 10

A Savior you can count on!

There is little I can say that would do justice at its highest level for what Mary has done. She brought a family back together against all odds! Her performance in a trial that took almost 2 years in the making that only Hollywood could duplicate! I will remember Mary and Beth for the rest of my life! If you don't mind a Lawyer that will work all day on a Sunday and do anything it takes then this Lawyer is who you want!!!!
But be ready to give a 110% because her team will be putting in 120% for you! And if the other side pisses her off just step out of the line of fire and watch the show!
What Mary did for me was Historic for a father in the state of Texas. God Bless! My family will always be in her dept. Thank you again Mary and Beth!


Posted by gmonte
on Jun 26, 2014

I found my self in a difficult situation - fortunately I had Mary

I was fortunate to have Mary in my network when I found my self in a difficult situation. She was immediate to work on my case & was sincerely dedicated to getting me through the situation in a timely manner. I appreciate her patience and her ability in helping me understand a complex situation & setting my expectations.

Mary was very easy to talk to. She has a natural manner in helping people feel comfortable, which made the whole situation bearable for me.

I highly recommend Mary based on her understanding & guidance she gave me in handling my difficult situation.


Posted by Tanya
on May 29, 2014

Tanya's Review

Ms. Escamilla handled my divorce quickly and professionally. She was able to navigate through the complexities of my divorce and made the process so much easier with her compassion and empathy.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs timely, efficient and skillful assistance during a divorce.

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